Origin and history

The SEPAWA Benelux is part of the Germany created SEPAWA association. The history of the association goes back to 1800. The direct predecessor, the soap boiler association first craft association, was established in 1755 in Munich. Later it was transformed into the Association of soap boiler and perfumers.

Since the fifties of the last century, with the advent of modern detergents, it was necessary to reform the society and to all new technologies which were introduced in the sector. From the soap boiler association, the SEPAWA was born in 1954 in Ludwigshafen .

The SEPAWA has grown in the last fifty years. With more than 1200 members, the SEPAWA is one of the largest specialized trade unions in Europe.
We are an autonomous, independent, professional association with members from all sectors of the chemical industry. Our members are specialists in technical, scientific or commercial plane from private companies, government agencies, scientific institutes, universities and colleges. They use the SEPAWA as a platform for the exchange of information, public relations, networking, ...
Our association is actively supported by both SMEs and large international companies.

Sepawa Benelux

The Netherlands Sepawa Section was founded in Amersfoort in 1997. It was the first president Raymond Vredevoort who took the initiative. A few years later, the association turned to the Sepawa Benelux.
Since its inception the Sepawa Benelux became the platform for people who directly or indirectly involved in the detergents, cosmetics and perfume industry. This may be seen in the broadest sense. Public services or interest groups may be interested and are also often present at the activities.

The Sepawa Benelux organize twice a year, a number of lectures. These lectures may be scientific in nature but also often explain the ever changing legal framework of our sector. Marketing issues are also often the bid.

These lectures have now become the meeting place for people from our industry. It is the ideal platform for networking and maintaining contacts.

We hope to meet you soon at one of our activities. 


Membership is open to everybody working in the soap, perfume, cosmetic and detergent industry as well as in related fields and suppliers.
We can offer you two types of memberships:

Corporate membership

Your company can not only participate in the annual gatherings of Sepawa Benelux against a reduced fee. Also it gives the possibility for joining the annual Sepawa Congress and other gatherings organised by Sepawa Germany for the membership fee.
Corporate membership is not linked to an individual person, however only 1 person can participate in the gatherings and congresses against the reduced entrance fee.
The annual fee is 80 Euro.

Individual membership

This is a membership on name, giving the possibility to join the Sepawa Benelux gathering against a reduced fee. Also it gives the possibility for joining the annual Sepawa Congress and other gatherings organised by Sepawa Germany for the membership fee.
The annual fee is 16 Euro.


Application for both memberships is possible via the website

Lecture committee

The lecture committee has, as the name suggests, the honour to determine the program of the meeting of the Sepawa-Benelux. The lectures have the objective to inform the members of the Sepawa-Benelux of new developments in the aria of legislation, marketing, environment, raw materials and production technologies. The aim it to develop a interesting and varied program that connects to producers of detergents, as well as raw material suppliers and traders for these kings of products.
The program is composed by the two responsible board members: Daniëlle van Corven-Kloosterman working at NVZ & Stijn Vandevoorde working at YDS Chemicals. Together they try to find a good balance between ready products and raw materials, between technology and society and between the Netherlands and Belgium. The proposed lectures are presented to an advisory committee of members of the Sepawa-Benelux. This Advisory committee  to the above mentioned objectives. Of course, this advisory committee also suggests ideas for speakers and subjects, which will be worked out in detail by Daniëlle and Stijn.
If you have lectures proposals of what to participate in the lecture advisory committee, please contact Daniëlle van Corven-Kloosterman & Stijn Vandevoorde via

Meeting Location

SEPAWA BENELUX has been using the Priorij Corsendonck as its prefered location to host both the June and the November events. The Priorij is located centrally for participants from the Benelux and Germany. Its accomodation and facilities are appropriate for the purpose of hosting both our events.


Participants who wish to stay overnight can do so either arriving the day before in case of the June session or depart the day after in case of the November session. With reference to accomodation SEPAWA BENELUX always holds a blockbooking for 10 rooms at the hotel. Participants are asked to contact the hotel directly to book rooms. This contingent will, in case not all rooms taken, will disappear 1 week prior to the proceedings. Rooms can booked directly via the hotel, i.e. or, alternatively and subject to availability, via

The hotel co-ordinates are as follows : 
Priorij Corsendonk
Corsendonk 5
2360     Oud-Turnhout
Tel :  00 32 14 46 28 00
Fax : 00 32 14 88 96 99

Paiment facilities
The hotel accepts cash and credit cards ( i.e. VISA, MASTERCARD, ... )